Flavoring blogger template

Flavoring will be the perfect theme for your movie and entertainment blog. This blogger template has a header designed with iconic movie images. It has a dark background too. This features a left sidebar with ready made widgets. It also has a fixed width to suite every browser that your reader is using. This will be a [...]

Bloggin’ Out Loud

Bloggin’ Out Loud blogger template

Bloggin’ Out Loud is another grunge style template that we want to share to you. This blogger template is a free version and it’s all for you to enjoy. Since you can get the template at no cost let us show the designers some complements by leaving the credits link intact. The design feature a brown background [...]

Abstract Earth

Abstract Earth blogger template

Abstract Earth is another art style template which we have added to out collection. We have been adding beautiful as well as smart blogger templates here is a a daily basis. This has 2 column template with a good looking dark green background. I like the look of this site because it allows me to be more [...]

Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink blogger template

Pretty in Pink is another personal style template which you could use on your blogs. This will look good on feminine looking blogs which covers womens niche or topics. This blogger template has a gorgeous pink background. This has a left sidebar that looks pretty good. This template is ads ready and fast loading. This is [...]

Shoes Online Store

Shoes Online Store blogger template

Shoes Online Store is a four column template which you can use if you are looking for a shoe footwear blog. This is a great deal which you can use on your blog to give it a fresh new look. It has four column layout with a right sidebar. It has four column footer too. [...]

My Notes

My Notes blogger template

My Notes is a new template that we have here. This is a minimalist template that you can use on your blog. My Notes blogger template is suitable for your blogs on any niche. This template can be used on your personal blogs, say you want a diary type blog. This will be a perfect [...]


NewFangled blogger template

NewFangled is a good template that will give your blog a fresh look. This blogger template is for free use and it has 3 columns with left and side sidebars. This has been made with web 2.0 design to create the illusion and look of a fresh template with all the gradients you need. If [...]

Lonely Parrot

Lonely Parrot blogger template

Lonely Parrot is another template from bloggertheme.net. This is a good blogger template for any kind of blogs on any niche. This has an exciting orange background with an artistic header design. Should be suitable if you have a blog on nature and even on places and travel. This template is ready for use all [...]

Financial Account

Financial Account blogger template

Financial Account is the 1000′s blogger template that we are going to share to all of you. This is an ideal template which you could use on your professional as well as personal blogs talking about money, finance, banking or business. You can use this 2 columns template on your blog. Should be very cool for you [...]

Travel Package

Travel Package blogger template

Travel Package is a new template which we want to share to all of you. I think everyone has his own travel blog. This way you get an account of what you are doing and what you are up to next time. This is also a good way to preserve and share the greatest adventures [...]